Bishop Street Businesses

For additional information on a particular business listed on this page, visit the companies website, where provided, or contact them by phone during their regular business hours.

If you are a tenant of the Topa Financial Center and would like us to add your company to the online business directory, please complete our online form and fax to the management office at (808) 599-5776.


KD Jewelry 808-545-7841 Hours: 9-6pm M-F, 10:30-2pm Sat.

For the Love of Coffee 808-533-4486 Hours: 6:30am-4pm M-Thursday, 6:30 am- 2pm Fri

Subway 808-545-3945 Hours: 8-4pm M-F

Nana's Deli

First American Title Co., Inc. 808-457-4000 Hours: 8-5pm M-F

Suite 102

Andy Mohan Inc. 808-521-1222 Hours: 9-5:30pm M-F, 10-1:30pm Sat.

Suite 108

Furniture Plus Design 808-526-2018 Hours: 8-5pm M-F

Suite 118

Rice & Rolls 808-375-1084 Hours: 10-4pm

Suite 126

Carrot Patch 808-531-4037 Hours: 6-3pm M-F

Suite 200

Topa Management Company 808-531-0444 Hours: 8-5pm M-F

Suite 228

Paul Osumi S., Jr., AIA, Inc. 808-528-3500 Hours: 8-5pm M-F

Suite 250

ONTS CPA, LLP 808-521-7844 Hours: 8-5pm M-F

Suite 300

University Health Alliance 808-532-4000 Hours: 8-4:30pm M-F

Suite 444

Lupus Foundation of America  Hawaii Chapter 808-538-1522 Hours: 8:30-4pm M / W / F, 8:30-1:30pm T / Th

Suite 446

Mothers Against Drunk Driving 808-532-6232 Hours: 8:30-5pm M-F

Suite 501

101 Things to Do 808-951-6790 Hours: 8-5pm M-F 808-951-6790 Hours: 8-5pm M-F

Suite 700

Hawaii Dental Service Delta Dental Hawaii 808-521-1431Hours: 8-4:30pm M-F

Suite 900

Bays Lung Rose & Holma 808-523-9000 Hours: 8:00-5:30pm M-F

Suite 1003

Amber Financial Group 808-548-0699 Hours: 8:30-5:30pm M-F

Suite 1031

Harbor Financial Bank 808-748-8892 Hours: 8-5pm M-F

Suite 1106

Swett & Crawford of Hawaii 808-545-2401Hours: 8-4:30pm M-F

Suite 1111

Perkin & Faria 808-523-2300 Hours: 8-5pm M-F

Suite 1200

Xerox Hawaii 808-521-9536 Hours: 8-5pm M-F

Suite 1400

Servco Insurance Services Corp. 808-540-3333 Hours: 8-4:30pm M-F

Suite 1500

Torkildson, Katz, Moore, Hetherington & Harris 808-523-6000 Hours: 7:30-5:30pm M-F

Suite 1600

Hawaii Escrow & Title Inc. 808-532-2977 Hours: 8-4:30pm M-F

Suite 1700

Trusta, An Accountancy Company 808-524-8080 Hours: 8-5:00pm M-F

Suite 1701

Hawaiian Golf Properties LLC 808-738-9200 Hours: 8-5:00pm M-F

Suite 1800

Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WATG) 808-521-8888 Hours: 8-5pm M-F

Suite 1902

John Takara, Financial Planning 808-537-2915 Hours: 7:30-4pm M-F

Suite 1902

CMR Financial Advisors 808-521-2912 Hours: 8-4pm M-F

Suite 1904

Design Logix 808-524-5055 Hours: 8-5pm M-F

Suite 1920

Aloha Data Services, Inc 808-626-5500 Hours: 8:30-5:30pm M-F

Suite 2000

Farrell & Associates 808-535-8468, Fax 808-585-9568, Hours: 7:45-5:45pm M-F

Suite 2100

Clay  Chapman Crumpton Iwamura & Pulice 808-535-8400 Hours: 8-5pm M-F